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Product Innovation

From Innovation to Realization

Ideate, Design and Launch with Intent

We have the ability to turn innovative ideas into realized opportunities. Using our advanced capabilities, we research, design, engineer and brand with the intent to commercialize. We embrace solving previously unsolvable problems, and we are proud of our "fail fast" mentality to move forward with an accurate plan of attack with each prototype, design, and test. This combination of processes produces products, brands, and experiences with greater impact and value.

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rbm services innovation engineering
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Making Innovative Ideas Work

The first step for product innovation shouldn’t be done with machines. It should be done with intensive thinking, wide collaboration, and asking, “Which way is the best way?” At Re:Build, we engineer products that matter by determining the most successful path from the start. This is how we solve previously unsolvable problems—because when you throw away conventional thinking and practices, unconventional solutions become clear.

Technology Development

For technology development, we have a unique ability – providing a unique opportunity – to bring industrial design, engineering, and production together. By uniting many disciplines, we create solutions that are differentiated, feasible, performance-driven, and cost-effective. The results? A beautiful, easy-to-use experience for every user.

Systems Development & Integration

When we say “soup to nuts” we really mean it. Our close-knit team of engineers and technicians work together from the initial proposal to the delivery of an industry-ready machine. Together, we build complex systems, follow rigorous testing criteria specific to your industry, and follow best engineering practices to achieve project success.

Design for Manufacturing

At Re:Build, it’s the combination of differentiated people and proven processes that set us apart. Using DFA, DFM and DFX as a guide ensures that the products we’re creating are efficiently manufactured in the end, and user centric from the very start. Embracing this model, our designers and engineers collaborate at every stage to increase product reliability, shorten the time to market, lower overall product costs.

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Product Design & Development for the Real World

Design for the Long View

When designing a product, our varied talents all come into the equation. It’s why we’re able to tackle a problem from all angles—the creative one, the engineering one, the materials one, etc. From shaping a design to improving a process, we embrace research, strategy, and technical development that all keeps the long term in mind. This is how we deliver on our “brain to box” promise—and overdeliver whenever possible.

We start with a divergent approach to generate more creative ideas and explore multiple possibilities for product architecure. Then, converge by organizing and structuring the concepts to lead to the best solution. Through cross-collaboration with engineering, materials, and manufacturing, we create concepts that are desirable, feasible and viable.

Concept Development

It’s amazing what happens when you throw all assumptions out the window. At Re:Build, we begin concept development from a divergent perspective to generate more creative ideas and possibilities for product architecture. Then, we organize and structure our ideas to drive the best possible solution. Through cross-collaboration with engineering, materials, and manufacturing, we create concepts that are desirable, feasible and viable.

New Product Introduction

At Re:Build, potential ideas don’t stay potential for long. Our focus on design and creativity extends almost immediately through engineering, meaning we don’t hand over a strategy or blueprint. We hand over a product ready for the real world. By leveraging diverse experiences and diligent research, we turn real challenges into really innovative solutions.

Industrial Design

For more than 30 years, our teams have created products and experiences that differentiate businesses—making them a more known and trusted brand in the world. Together, we bridge the gap between business objectives and the desired user experience, turning marketable ideas into engineered solutions. In the end, each design looks a little different, but all share the same common goal: to visually captivate, physically immerse, and emotionally connect to the human experience.

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Industrial designer working on a prototype

Integrating Solutions for Seamless Communication

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our software development expertise isn’t just deep and broad. It’s closely connected, encompassing web technologies, databases, API’s, desktop and mobile apps, and tools/utilities. At Re:Build jumping right in means taking a big step back, considering the meaningful ideas that drive successful software. This process creates a more holistic development overall—embracing all possibilities and involving all people.

Embedded Software

From architecture to coding, debug to deployment, we create end-to-end design from concept to completion. Our multi-talented team can develop software based on your existing custom-embedded hardware, non-existent custom embedded hardware, or off the shelf hardware—whatever makes sense for the business you have and the ambitions you’ve set.


Caring about the user is built into the Re:Build DNA. It goes for a product being used, and also goes for digital experiences that align with human needs. That’s why we consider the look, feel and usability from a user’s perspective. For us, UX/UI isn’t a stage in the process. It’s woven the whole way through.


Whether it’s engineering and technology development, sensors connected to a database, local processing or edge computing, we specialize in the Internet of Things. For enhancing a current product or process, or imagining an entirely new one, we’re the team that can get the job done.

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Understanding all Avenues of the Project to Enhance Design

Research and strategy are two of our favorite words, and they’re embedded in everything we do. Whether it’s industrial design, engineering, UX/UI, manufacturing, or brand work, research and strategy help us realize people’s interactions with a product or process, along with the systems that influence both. As an impartial third party, we see around corners and find insights that employees who live inside a brand don’t always see, discovering patterns and ideas that are sometimes hidden in plain sight—all to answer the key question: What should we be making and what’s the best way to make it?

Trend Analysis & Technology Derisking

Together as a team, we identify high-level trends based on specific markets. This enables us to de-risk manufacturing opportunities. Nothing we do is built on assumptions or repurposed from an existing mold—even within the same industry. Each client is different based on geography, specialization, and need, which is why we look deeper from the start.

Problem & Customer Needs Definition

People are at the center of everything you create. Research focuses on what matters to them. Through field conversations, focus groups, interviews, and video recording, we drive direction and confidence for whatever you’re solving. Regardless of the industry or field, defining the problem and customer in clear terms everyone agrees on leads to more inspired understanding—and allows you to make better bets based on the human experience.

Portfolio Planning

Insights gained from research don’t only inspire you. They illuminate the way forward. They help make more informed decisions at every critical juncture. Integrated as often as possible, insights will test assumptions and inspire new ideas, transforming complex challenges into exciting opportunities. If this gets you as excited as it gets us, let’s bring the research together with engineering and business planning in a holistic approach.

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Distinguish What’s Unique About You and Capture it

As a creative team under one powerful manufacturing and design roof, we unite many different perspectives to build strong, cohesive brands. Our multi-disciplinary approach and depth of expertise helps create experiences that set the tone, communicate clearly, and turn buyers into brand believers.

Brand Development

Brand development doesn’t start with us. It starts with you. By hearing your story and understanding your vision, then researching and developing your position in the market, our team helps deepen the connection between your business and brand, and the affinity your customers feel when you show up.

Sales Enablement & Production

When you aren’t in the room, your materials are your presence. Through informed strategy and creativity that aligns with your brand, we help amplify your presence—and achieve the impact you want your customers to see and feel.

Concept Visualization, Video & Animation

Let’s tell your story in a stronger way—with custom graphics, animations, illustrations, or another form of visualization. Whether you’re online, at a tradeshow, or in a meeting waiting to hit the play button, we help tell complex stories in simplified ways that resonate and stick.

DigiMate Packaging
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Project Highlight

OLO Sight Diagnostics

OLO is a Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzer that accelerates time to diagnosis and treatment. OLO provides 5-part diff CBC results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities, for on-site testing. It is the first CBC analyzer that is FDA 510(k) cleared for blood taken directly from either a finger prick or a venous sample.

  • Diagnostic Instrument Design
  • Sample Preparation
  • Consumable Design

OLO Sight Diagnostics Project
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