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Industrial Automation

Optimizing Today for a Productive Tomorrow

Seamless Efficiencies

From a semi-automated work cell to fully-automated factory line, we provide innovative solutions to help you succeed. The ability to automate also allows companies to utilize highly skilled labor in a way that is complimented by machines doing the routine work, upscaling the workforce.

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rbm services automation custom

Bringing Unique Solutions to Realization at any Scale

We will frame the problem from a risk and economic standpoint to help understand what you’re trying to succeed in. We’ll apply fundamental principles of engineering to ensure your solution is realizable and economically feasible for the goals that you have. We pride ourselves on our engineering process. We treat every automation project as its own challenge deserving of a unique solution. From a semi-automated work cell to a fully-automated factory line, we provide innovative solutions to help you succeed.

Turnkey Build & Integration

Our engineers and technicians build complex systems and develop rigorous testing criteria to meet the demands of your industry. We provide all the resources needed – engineering, custom machine design and build, installation, systems controls and integration, ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting support – to support your program and keep it running effectively throughout its useful life.

Prototyping, Testing & Evaluation

We develop prototypes early on in our process so we can quickly react to development ideas and adjust the program as needed. Each project is unique, and we value the discovery phase to enable concept generation and research. Through this process, we’re able to effectively identify risks, strategize on how to mitigate them, and ensure success as time goes on.

Build Planning & Investigation

Re:Build teams are purpose-built to take your project from ideation to turnkey system build and integration. It’s all about the collaboration we’ve built in-house. Always connected. Always committed. Always bringing our best ideas to the table.


Scalable, customized automation solutions

Providing Answers to Challenging Production Problems

We provide systems integration services to meet a wide variety of automation requirements in process and manufacturing industries. A control system integrator takes a problem that may have some engineering input and that has general requirements and specifications and provides an answer that includes final project engineering, documentation, procurement or hardware, development of custom software, installation , testing and commissioning.

Custom Automation
  • High Speed Material Conveyance
  • Precision Pick and Place
  • Test Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Vision Inspection
  • Linear and Rotary Assembly Operations
  • Continuous or Intermittent Motions
Robotics Development & Integration
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Market and Vendor Selection Experts
  • Supply Chain
Vision Systems & Sensing
  • Robotics Design
  • Programming
  • Supply Chain
  • Motion Control
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Partnering to Develop the Best Processes

We have the operational excellence and engineering skills to create new enhanced processes. Our team provides a consultative approach through process discovery to identify pinch points and opportunities to improve efficiencies. We can provide throughput analysis, and human factors assessments to provide recommendations and automation solutions for improved workflow output, quality, and safety.

Line Assessments

A well-functioning line is pivotal; if it’s not being optimized, you’re losing profit. That’s where our teams can come in to identify the root cause of common web defects and nip-related defects, providing machine assessment services, and giving recommendations for improvement on your line.

Continuous Improvements

Deploying strategies with cascade loops, interlocks and alarm management for drives, valves and pumps, our expert process engineers are trained as part of authorized relationships with world-class suppliers. Knowledge of modern techniques such as Model Free Adaptive Controllers (MFA), S95 / S88 batch management and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) ensure clients operate at peak performance. We provide high-speed data acquisition systems to measure product properties and machine characteristics in real-time. These systems can verify production results or characterize machine performance for continuous improvement.


Software Solutions at Every Step

Staying competitive requires intelligent products and equipment. That’s why Re:Build connects physical products and equipment to digital applications and services needed for smarter solutions. We can improve system performance and cost of ownership through advanced sensor integration, edge computing, and database connectivity.

UX Design of Whirlpool application on a smartphone
Data Management & Analytics

Architect system topologies, engineer custom API’s, and databases, predictive analytics, usable interfaces and tailored data visualizations.

Full Stack Software Development

Embedded, web and mobile software engineering, including API’s and operational support.

Machine Learning and AI

Custom algorithm development, data query, monitoring and computer vision.

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Responsive Repairs and Recommendations

Our strategic partnership doesn’t end with machine installation. We stand behind our automation solution and keep it running effectively throughout its useful life.

Maintenance & Repairs

To keep things up and running at all times, our team provides continuity throughout specification, design, integration, development, implementation, calibration, troubleshooting, start-up, debug and production. We also provide batch house audits offering an evaluation of your equipment and process including cycle times. These come with recommendations for maintenance, repairs, capacity expansions, refurbishments, etc.

Cleaning & Lubrication

Re:Build has a strong ability to incorporate cleaning technologies—both the solutions (soaps, bleaches, biocides, etc.) and the treatment (heated, pH balanced, filtered, etc.). Then, we deliver them at controlled flows and pressures to provide effective cleaning functionality.

Testing & Diagnostics

We’re well-accustomed to complex manufacturing processes and the testing they demand. Whatever your industry, the regulations that guide it, and the challenges it faces, we’ll partner alongside you to solve functional specification through implementation, testing, and process deployment.

Project Highlight

Automating Commercial Farm Equipment

The project goal was for complete automation – human hands never touch the eggs. This egg farm has become a program of continuing improvements. Optimation automated an egg farm whose end user is a large supermarket chain focused on high-end quality food and produce. The egg farm has nearly one million chickens. Chickens require an ideal environment: fresh air, clean water, abundant feed, cleanliness, controlled lighting and temperatures.

  • Control System Update
  • I/O Wiring
  • Web-Enabled HMI
  • Complete Automation
Automated egg line
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Oribi automation arm used for manufacturing advanced materials
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Employee pressing button on an automated piece of equipment's panel
Wires and plugs for an automated piece of equipment in manufacturing
Engineers working on a piece of automated equipment
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