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Equip Your Business with Technology

We specialize in mechanical and process engineering and design, automation and systems integration, skilled trades fabrication and maintenance services for a range of industries within the United States. We work with clients to take their R&D prototype and develop functional manufacturing systems. We desire to be our client’s complete industrial powerhouse, providing a single partner from simple upgrades or maintenance to turnkey solutions.

Man working on an automated piece of equipment

Segments We Serve

With our combined skillset and network of companies and sources, we offer advanced solutions for a multitude of industrial equipment categories.

Automation & Robotics

We have broad experience in multiple industries including web and continuous material processing, pharmaceuticals, energy, transportation, and consumer goods. Our experience has prepared us to handle new challenges in any market. Machine design and process system fabrication applications are excellent examples of our capabilities. Our ability to combine labor and automation, including robots and other automation tools, goes back decades and forms a core competency within our capabilities.


We have decades of experience selecting the right instruments for each application, working with vendors and clients to optimize systems and devices for the best outcomes.  Our engineers provide P&IDs, loop design, panel design, and wiring. Our instrumentation expertise includes specifications from basic to complex process measurements like particle analyzers, web thickness gauging and color analyzers. 

Systems Integration

Our engineers provide automation and integration services for a wide variety of process and manufacturing industries. We are experienced in providing requirements definition, functional specifications, system prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation, and training. We are accredited in numerous technologies from Control Systems design and deployment to equipment certifications and tying them all together into a well-synchronized system.

Advanced Materials

We have executed many projects in, and our people usually come from, applications of novel and specialty materials and conditions.  Our experience and computational ability have positioned us to work with exotic materials and new material applications. Among others these include chemical and metallic challenges, forming and processing development, and many other cutting-edge applications.

Additive Manufacturing

Our engineers across the Re:Build network have experience ranging from professional to academic within additive manufacturing. We have locations that have 3D printing capabilities, and we also can work with clients on their additive manufacturing projects, helping to solve problems or create solutions.

Person working with wires and hardware for an industrial equipment project
Engineers working with chemicals and materials
Engineering team discussing parts and plans in a conference room

Leverage Our Knowledge for Greater Impact

We do a lot of the hard work that most companies skip over to ensure we are supporting the most accurate, most effective, and most sound product solutions possible. We have a collection of advanced processes to achieve this goal. Following these processes closely set us and our clients up for success so we can all be confident in the products we’re producing.

Automation & Controls Engineering & Design

At Re:Build we offer experienced and proficient programmers from PLC’s, PAC’s/DCS Programming, Batch Programming, Scada/HMI and embedded systems. We can offer numerous highly skilled professionals for instrumentation and controls engineering.

Chemical Engineering

Our Chemical Process Engineers provide experience in process design, process safety including 29CFR 1910.119 and NFPA, development and scale up, manufacturing, and installation/start-up for industrial clients. We are experts in both continuous and batch processes with a strong legacy of providing effective solutions to complex problems and projects.

Construction & Project Management

With a concentration on safety, Re:Build offers Fabrication, Installation and Project Management services to ensure your projects meet your specifications in a timely manner and on budget. We can offer these services at any step of your project, from pre-fabrication planning to post-installation.

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering & Design

We have a group of electrical automation and instrumentation engineers to provide process control systems for both process-based systems as well as machine control for discrete and roll to roll, web- based systems. The group also includes designers to provide schematics, PI&Ds and detail panel and wiring diagrams.

Industrial Control Panel Design & Fabrication

Re:Build designs and build control panels for the skids and machines we design and build as well as for our clients. Quality construction is important. Re:Build follow all industrial standards. Some Re:Build companies are ISO:9000 registered and many of the panel shops are UL listed.

Machine Design & Build

Re:Build has a depth of experience in machine design and fabrication as well as machine control systems. The machines, for a variety of industries, meet exacting industry standards for high-speed production and packaging.

Mechanical Engineering & Design

Re:Build Manufacturing has process, mechanical and machine design engineers with the appropriate design skills for many food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries. Their experiences span from fine chemicals to heavy bulk solids and from harsh chemicals to FDA regulated pharmaceuticals.

Process Engineering & Design

Firms originating new, unique manufacturing processes choose Re:Build as their partner in developing the best processes to manufacture their products. Our team works closely with you to understand your quality and production goals.

Process Development & Optimization

We often work with companies wishing to scale their new IP develop in a lab or on an R&D pilot system to a prototype and ultimately to full production. We team closely with the scientists and engineers on the client staff. Our process, mechanical, software engineers and designers work as part of the team for these development initiatives that ultimately allow our clients to fully utilize their technology.

Production workers and engineers standing on the manufacturing floor of the Tekna facility

Crafting Scalable Manufacturing Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

Designed, Built & Tested Within America

Working together with Re:Build Manufacturing increases collaboration between your team and ours resulting in a number of logistical and financial advantages. Working locally provides increased intellectual property security, greater supply chain stability, higher quality assurance, decreased transit times, less waste and environmental impact, fair working conditions, and adherence to known safety standards.


Rochester, New York

Re:Build AppliedLogix

Founded in 2006, AppliedLogix is an engineering design services organization offering expert-level embedded system design services. Our team has a broad engineering background in disciplines including electronic hardware, firmware, software, mechanical, and project management.

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CDI facility

Avon, OH

Re:Build CDI

Our value proposition is our size: on the one hand, we are nimble enough to provide rapid prototype development cycles, while on the other hand, we have the capability to transition from short-run prototypes into high-rate serial production programs.

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Photo of two men working in the Composite Resources production area

Rock Hill, SC

Re:Build Composite Resources

Our value proposition is our size: on the one hand, we are nimble enough to provide rapid prototype development cycles, while on the other hand, we have the capability to transition from short-run prototypes into high-rate serial production programs.

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Two engineers working together on automated equipment at DAPR

Nashua, NH

Re:Build DAPR

DAPR has a focus on its clients as well as its employees. With a core team that has worked together for over 10 years, the company has ample experience with varied backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software integration, and project management.

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Employee working in Fikst production area

Rock Hill, SC

Re:Build Composite Resources

Our value proposition is our size: on the one hand, we are nimble enough to provide rapid prototype development cycles, while on the other hand, we have the capability to transition from short-run prototypes into high-rate serial production programs.

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Engineer welding materials in the Optimation facility

Rush, NY

Re:Build Optimation

Optimation was founded with a passion for manufacturing and the desire to provide industrial clients with a single source for projects ranging from simple upgrades and maintenance to turnkey solutions.

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Employees working within a Tekna manufacturing facility

Kalamazoo, MI

Re:Build Tekna

Knowing that growth comes in different forms, we customize our approach to your unique needs and goals. With purpose-built project teams, program management, and scalable tools (including ISO certification and an adaptable QMS), we’ll fit in where you need us or work with you across the full development process.

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The Pilot Group facility photograph - engineers working in facility

Monrovia, CA

Re:Build TPG

The Pilot Group has been incorporated since 1990. The early work of The Pilot Group ranged from Hollywood special effects, to high-temperature metal forming, to professional astronomical instruments. Over the years, we have relied almost solely on word-of-mouth recommendations to bring in our business. We have grown organically to meet the demand for the services and products we offer.

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Photograph of inspection room at Wonder Machine

Avon, OH

Re:Build Wonder

Wonder Machine Services, Inc. is a fully integrated precision CNC machining company founded in 1976 offering machining for prototype, short-run, or production volumes.

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Photo of two men working in the Composite Resources production area
Oribi automation arm used for manufacturing advanced materials
Engineer working on a product with an automated piece of equipment
Industrial equipment close up
close up of equipment

Partnering for Success

We believe that collaboration is key to our success in rekindling American manufacturing. Re:Build Manufacturing is comprised of highly specialized intensely collaborative companies with the end-to-end capability to see a product from concept to completion without compromising quality, affordability, or ethics. With this strategy, we become an extension of your team.

Here are some of the ways we’ve partnered together to achieve solutions that change the world:

  • Turnkey Coating Skid
  • Biotech Systems Integration & Automation of Covid-19 Testing Lab
  • OEM-Product Development for Metal 3D Inkjet Printer
  • Custom Automation for Singulation & Material Handling of Porous Fuel Cell Layers
  • Punch Press-Systems Design & Integration of an Automated Metal Extrusion Punch Press
  • BOM Check Software and Interface Design

Industrial Equipment Inquiry

Let’s talk about the challenges you’re up against, and how Re:Build can help.