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Building Solutions that Power the Future

At Re:Build, we strive to protect the environment through the way we conduct business as well as the projects we choose to focus on. With our experience in the Cleantech industry, we are able to devote resources committed to developing solutions that change the world for the better. We offer a wide range of capabilities ranging from battery manufacturing and energy harvesting to power grid condition monitoring.

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Segments We Serve

As a company that truly values sustainability, Re:Build aims to support energy and infrastructure by coming up with better solutions for all. We serve a variety of segments within the Cleantech industry and are excited to partner on green projects.

Energy & Power

We assist companies to generate green energy from hydrogen, methanol, wind, solar, and biomass.  Our experience and expertise to do this comes from many years and projects to advance the science and the practical application of our varied engineering and trades disciplines. Conventional sources from oil and gas applications form a strategic strength, enabling downstream and upstream services and manufacturing, especially for high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.


We work with startups and established firms alike to make their products and their manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly while driving out cost and driving in innovation.  We are committed to, and we employ, the latest best practices in process controls, developing green energy generation and storage technology.  These and other factors in regulatory compliance and technical stewardship make us embody our commitment to sustainable business practices and to client solutions.

Energy Storage

Specific battery and other related storage experience positions us to conceive, design, and deliver manufacturing and test equipment and the process expertise and knowledge to automate and integrate systems.  Assembly, test, and web-based production are specialties.  We help companies scale up their production from pilot to full go-to-market potential using our proven manufacturing process experience.


We offer turnkey electrical equipment design, specification, selection, and system integration.  We engineer power distribution and technology production, building UL-listed panels and providing job site electrical work as well as powering  the cars, tools, and other devices joining the automated work and living spaces.

Energy Transformation

Re:Build is dedicated to providing critical energy transformation systems enabling the shift toward renewable fuel sources and a cleaner future.

Material & Chemicals

We have years of experience developing equipment and processes for producing breakthrough materials and chemicals.

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Leverage Our Knowledge for Greater Impact

We care about how we do business and how we obtain results. Our depth of engineering know-how paired with cutting-edge Clean Technology expertise allow us to support our customers’ goals. We do the work to ensure we are supporting the most accurate, most effective, and most robust solutions possible. We leverage a wealth of trade knowledge and project management to complete projects on time and on budget.

Battery Manufacturing

Our team is capable of developing innovative battery manufacturing processes and equipment to support decarbonization across multiple sectors.

Automation & Controls Engineering

We are equipped to enhance industrial systems through analysis, full HW and SW development, functional and environmental testing.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Our HW, SW and sensing capabilities enable smarter, safer, and more sustainable infrastructure systems via embedded, web, and mobile.

Machine Design & Build

Whether you are off-grid or grid-tied, we provide turnkey solution engineering, design, systems integration, build, and maintenance.

Maintenance Service

We provide field service and support for the useful life of systems, including replacement parts and upgrades.

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Dedicated to Improving Industry through Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Designed, Built & Tested Within America

Working together with Re:Build Manufacturing increases collaboration between your team and ours resulting in a number of logistical and financial advantages. Working locally provides increased intellectual property security, greater supply chain stability, higher quality assurance, decreased transit times, less waste and environmental impact, fair working conditions, and adherence to known safety standards.


Rochester, NY

Re:Build AppliedLogix

Founded in 2006, AppliedLogix is an engineering design services organization offering expert-level embedded system design services. Our team has a broad engineering background in disciplines including electronic hardware, firmware, software, mechanical, and project management.

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Two engineers working together on automated equipment at DAPR

Nashua, NH

Re:Build DAPR

DAPR has a focus on its clients as well as its employees. With a core team that has worked together for over 10 years, the company has ample experience with varied backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software integration, and project management.

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Employee working in Fikst production area

Woburn, MA

Re:Build Fikst

Fikst’s founders have built and run engineering departments in technology companies, so we understand how engineering fits into an organization. We built Fikst to provide technical services that help you and your company succeed.

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Engineer welding materials in the Optimation facility

Rush, NY

Re:Build Optimation

Optimation was founded with a passion for manufacturing and the desire to provide industrial clients with a single source for projects ranging from simple upgrades and maintenance to turnkey solutions.

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Employees working within a Tekna manufacturing facility

Kalamazoo, MI

Re:Build Tekna

Knowing that growth comes in different forms, we customize our approach to your unique needs and goals. With purpose-built project teams, program management, and scalable tools (including ISO certification and an adaptable QMS), we’ll fit in where you need us or work with you across the full development process.

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The Pilot Group facility photograph - engineers working in facility

Monrovia, CA

Re:Build TPG

The Pilot Group has been incorporated since 1990. The early work of The Pilot Group ranged from Hollywood special effects, to high-temperature metal forming, to professional astronomical instruments. Over the years, we have relied almost solely on word-of-mouth recommendations to bring in our business. We have grown organically to meet the demand for the services and products we offer.

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Partnering for Success

We believe that collaboration is key to our success in rekindling American manufacturing. Re:Build Manufacturing is comprised of highly specialized intensely collaborative companies with the end-to-end capability to see a product from concept to completion without compromising quality, affordability, or ethics. With this strategy, we become an extension of your team.

Here are some of the ways we’ve partnered together to achieve solutions that change the world:

- GE Renewables Additive Manufacturing

- Jet Fuel from Farm Waste for Byogy Renewables Inc.

- Scalable Lithium Battery Production and Assembly System

- Emergency Steam Leak Repair

- Development of a Solar Powered Electric Scooter

Cleantech Inquiry

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