Rekindling American Industry

Building on that Great American Tradition

Re:Build is reimagining manufacturing and rekindling industrial America. Across the United States, we are growing a family of engineering and manufacturing businesses whose combined experience drives a holistic industrial powerhouse that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our expertise in operations management, product manufacturing, technical and engineering proficiency, and Brain to Box™ approach is changing the way industrial America does business. Close collaboration yields innovative processes and products that add even more value for the good of all—customer, the employees, and the community—for the very long term.

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Manufacturing with a Competitive Edge

Diverse, Scalable Solutions

Re:Build offers customers a new model of American industrialization. We are committed to your success, from Brain to Box™ and everywhere in between. We manufacture complex, highly technical products from concept to production at scale in the United States. From breaking technology barriers to breaking ground in new markets, our breadth of technical capabilities, robust processes, and talented people support the future you are building today. Explore some of our core competencies below.

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Product Innovation

Working collaboratively with exploration and intent to turn ideas into purposeful product solutions.

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Advanced Components

Creating optimized components, structures, and materials applications to be higher performing and less wasteful.

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Systems Production

Building cost effective and highly functional products to scale with the whole process in mind.

Industrial automation engineers

Industrial Automation

Pairing skilled labor and advanced machinery to streamline and promote production.

Why Choose Re:Build

By engaging openly and collaboratively, and by sharing our costs transparently along the way, we create one of the most valuable things you can ever build: TRUST.

Customers gain long-term cost savings from lean manufacturing practices, highest quality products, cutting-edge processes, and ethical business practices.

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Intensely collaborative people committed to delivering your product from concept to completion without compromising quality or ethics.


Maximum control over development with tailored teams, comprehensive program management, and specialized facilities in your backyard.


Building optimized processes, breakthrough technologies to provide you with ownership of intellectual property at an affordable price.


Increasing American prosperity by investing in local manufacturing know-how and partnerships to scale globally.

Making Better Products, Makes for Better Companies

Re:Build partners with some of the biggest names in aviation, consumer goods, medical technology, and other American industries. Our team welcomes challenges with open arms and we’re passionate about finding answers alongside our customers.  

We don’t always get it right on the first try, we don’t always have the answer on day one, but our principles ensure we’ll do the necessary work to find the best solution, never forgetting that making better products helps make better companies.

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Aerospace & Defense

Developing and producing aerospace and defense solutions for over 30 years. We offer diverse services that improve aerospace and aviation operations.

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Improving the environment through the way we conduct business as well as the projects we choose to focus on. Our experience in the Cleantech industry, enables us to develop solutions that change the world for the better.

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With over 30 years of experience across the care continuum, including R&D, laboratory and diagnostics, we’ve got the focus and expertise as a leader in the industry.

Industrial Equipment photo

Industrial Equipment

From simple upgrades and maintenance to turnkey solutions, we provide mechanical and process engineering and design, automation and systems integration, skilled trades fabrication and maintenance services for a variety of industries.

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Providing high-quality products and technologies with a human-centric focus. Our team is highly collaborative and innovative to find the right solutions that fit a variety of industries and lifestyles.

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From automating our every day to creating the next generation of durable products to keep us moving, together we’ve got the spectrum of expertise to advance America.

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Jeff Wilke Podcast Interview

Wilke had been at Amazon for more than 20 years, and had seen it grow from a modest-sized bookseller to a worldwide behemoth. But Wilke believes the American economy — and national security — is dependent on luring manufacturing back to our shores.

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