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Become a Re:Builder

American Ingenuity at its Finest

At Re:Build, we don’t just make parts and products. We’re mending American industry and bringing hope to a whole class of people. All to say, we’re different than other manufacturing companies. If you’re compelled by this purpose, we invite you to join us.

We provide long-term, meaningful opportunities for our team members to maximize both their contribution to Re:Build and their earning potential.

Being a Re:Builder

We are a company of action: we are the builders, the makers, and the doers. Let us give you a peek into the life of Re:Builders.

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Engineer smiling and working with cables
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At Re:Build, nothing feels out of reach. I’ve been free to explore new projects, redefine my role, sit 1-on-1 with executive leadership, and pilot new cultural initiatives. We’re challenged to grow both personally and professionally, with the full support of our teams behind us.

Kelly Martin – Design Engineer
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A Company of Action

Are you passionate about technology and American industry and looking for a long-term career? If so, please take a look at our 16 Principles. If our values and our ideals are a good fit, please consider joining our team.

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