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We Are Re:Build

Re:Build Manufacturing is a family of industrial businesses combining cutting-edge enabling technologies, operational superiority and strategic M&A to build America’s next generation industrial company. We leverage a deep expertise in operations management and technology to supercharge performance of its subsidiaries by implementing core technologies across industrial platforms in diversified growth markets. Our goal is to help revitalize the U.S. manufacturing base over the coming decades, creating substantial opportunities for our employees and the communities where we operate.

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The Re:Build Way

Imagination sparked our belief that we could rekindle industrial America. Expertise fuels our process. But it’s the Re:Build Way that is indispensable to our success. It’s a set of 16 principles that guides our decision-making every day, especially when there are tough decisions to make. 

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We care about our team members and put their safety before anything else.


Machiavelli was wrong! Winning at all costs is not winning at all. At Re:Build we want to be as proud of the path taken as the result achieved.


We recognize diversity as a source of value. We welcome and respect people from all walks of life. We encourage constructive dissent.


We protect the environment and devote significant resources to science-based sustainability programs.


We listen carefully and non-defensively to customers, suppliers, and community members.


We are honest in all our dealings and seek mutually beneficial arrangements. We do not partake in zero-sum behaviors.


We are open in our communications, accountable for our actions, reject corrupt behaviors, and expect the same of other stakeholders.


We buy businesses to build them over the long-term. We do not buy businesses with a plan to sell them.


We seek to improve the communities where Re:Build operates with a focus on apprentice programs and STEM education.


We use rigorous systems to ensure we hire and onboard team members who will be successful team members long term.


We provide long-term, meaningful opportunities for our team members to maximize both their contribution to Re:Build and their earning potential.


We provide forums for team members to share their knowledge and experience and refine their mental models. Re:Build is a learning organization.


We celebrate individual achievements but reserve the greatest accolades for team performance. The best ideas and solutions are rarely the product of a person working in isolation.


We focus on and measure inputs we control and expect excellent performance on input metrics to create long-term value.


We utilize Lean and continuous improvement as we strive for zero defects, lower cycle times, and minimal waste. We design quality into our products and systems.


We implement systems to ensure improvements last and identify and reward champions who propagate them across the company.

Brain to Box™

Reimagining Manufacturing in America

Re:Build specializes in Product Innovation, Advanced Components, Systems Production, and Industrial Automation. Adept in delivering turnkey solutions across multiple sectors, including Aerospace & Defense, Cleantech, Health, Industrial Equipment, Lifestyle, and Mobility.

We are here, no matter where you are at in the technology readiness level or how established your business case may be. With our comprehensive, tailorable 6-Phase process, we are your strategic partner from Brain to Box™.

1. Planning & Alignment

Getting off on the right foot is important for achieving business objectives. We can identify and build tailored development and commercialization strategies for differentiated products, services, and technologies.

2. Discovery & Concept

We move rapidly from idea, to sketch, to mockup, helping make more informed business decisions. We translate insights into innovative human-centered product concepts, with detailed development requirements to derisk engineering and prototyping.

3. Design & Development

Our iterative approach to engineering and design for manufacturing provides solutions that are feasible, perform well, and are cost-effective.

4. Process Verification & Validation

Great products need great process. We develop the materials, process, and manufacturing operations so you can focus on your customers and scale.

5. Product Verification & Validation

We have the capabilities and partners to ensure your products are safe, reliable, and easy to use with a focus for quality outcomes.

6. Manufacturing & Support

Bring products to life and ensure smooth customer delivery via supply chain management, assembly, warehousing, and distribution capabilities that comply with your requirements and delivery needs.

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We provide forums for team members to share their knowledge and experience and refine their mental models. Re:Build is a learning organization.

Our Family of Businesses

Our vast spectrum of capabilities lives within our family of businesses. Proficient expertise in skills ranging in engineering, manufacturing, molding, branding and more flows throughout our network of sites. We are just getting started, and we are excited to see how we grow.

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Dedicated Leaders Who Care

The people running the high-level moving parts includes an army of highly devoted, experienced personnel who are dedicated to achieving all of our company goals. Re:Build Manufacturing is committed to building a better future for our employees, our customers, partners, communities and shareholders through a new model of industrialization.

Miles Arnone photo
Miles Arnone

Chief Executive Officer

photo of jeff wilke
Jeff Wilke


photo of Tom Warters
Tom Warters

Chief Human Resources Officer

photo of Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis

Chief Lean Officer

photo of Anthony Manzo
Anthony Manzo

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

photo of Steven Mead
Steve Mead

President, Advanced Materials Group

photo of Bruce Lawler
Bruce Lawler

President, Digital

photo of Chad Clawson
Chad Clawson

President, Engineering and Production Solutions

Photo of Bill Larkins
Bill Larkins

Chief Engineer

Photo of Lucia Shannon
Lucia Shannon

Vice President, Finance

Photo of Eric Smith
Eric Smith

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Materials Group

Photo of Kim Blair
Kim Blair, PhD

Vice President, Business Development, Engineering and Production Solutions

Photo of Mary Osso
Mary Osso

Director of Marketing

Growth for success

Thoughtful Mergers & Acquisitions

Our goal is to create the most advanced, talented, and robust team that we can to revitalize American manufacturing. Since 2021 when we began, we have acquired a handful of skilled organizations across the U.S. with capabilities that enhance our business. We truly value each organization’s skillset - from engineering, molding, branding, to production.


Become Part of Re:Build

Re:Build Manufacturing is dedicated to building a better future for our employees, our customers, partners, communities and shareholders through a new model of industrialization. We can’t do it alone, so please reach out if you’d like to join us, collaborate with us, or simply want to learn more.