ReBuild employee working with a smile

The Re:Build Way

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

– Albert Einstein

Our Moral Compass

With the goal of helping our customers succeed with just-in-time manufacturing for nearly any product, we are rebuilding America’s manufacturing base, developing and protecting valuable intellectual property, and creating meaningful, sustainable jobs in areas that have been deindustrialized over the past 20-30 years. With our 16 leadership principles in place, we have established a guide when it comes to decision-making. We strive to align our decisions with our principles.


We care about our team members and put their safety before anything else.


Machiavelli was wrong! Winning at all costs is not winning at all. At Re:Build we want to be as proud of the path taken as the result achieved.


We recognize diversity as a source of value. We welcome and respect people from all walks of life. We encourage constructive dissent.


We protect the environment and devote significant resources to science-based sustainability programs.


We listen carefully and non-defensively to customers, suppliers, and community members.


We are honest in all our dealings and seek mutually beneficial arrangements. We do not partake in zero-sum behaviors.


We are open in our communications, accountable for our actions, reject corrupt behaviors, and expect the same of other stakeholders.


We buy businesses to build them over the long-term. We do not buy businesses with a plan to sell them.


We seek to improve the communities where Re:Build operates with a focus on apprentice programs and STEM education.


We use rigorous systems to ensure we hire and onboard team members who will be successful team members long term.


We provide long-term, meaningful opportunities for our team members to maximize both their contribution to Re:Build and their earning potential.


We provide forums for team members to share their knowledge and experience and refine their mental models. Re:Build is a learning organization.


We celebrate individual achievements but reserve the greatest accolades for team performance. The best ideas and solutions are rarely the product of a person working in isolation.


We focus on and measure inputs we control and expect excellent performance on input metrics to create long-term value.


We utilize Lean and continuous improvement as we strive for zero defects, lower cycle times, and minimal waste. We design quality into our products and systems.


We implement systems to ensure improvements last and identify and reward champions who propagate them across the company.